A sample selection of the type of projects we undertake....

clothed room full of house clearance content

A typical BEFORE situation..

Rubbish in a old warehouse

warehouse covered in rubbish and dirt

rubbish piled up in a house

a clear room after a house clearance in bournemouth

And AFTER we've cleared.. 

Vintage weathered couch in the vandalised living room of an abandoned house.

pile of mixed rubbish

cardboard box and mixed rubbish inside a property

We clear commercial premises too.....a recent office clearance project.

pile of old computer screens on a desk

office house clearance items

office furniture piled

empty office that has been cleared

We also clear and dispose of old cars, caravans and boats....

old abandoned car covered in vines

old abandoned caravan parked up against the road

old abandoned boat

Modern and antique furniture and effects purchased - from single items to entire home contents.

antique shop example

antique shop

antique vase display

antique dresser surrounded by other antiques

Bournemouth house clearance logo on the side of a transit van

Logo Bournemouth House Clearance